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For most women, clothes are an obsession. The trick is to try and control that obsession and this is not as easy as it sounds! We at finerwomen.com find the easiest way to keep this obsession under control is to write a wish list.

Pick up a pen and paper and write down a list of things that you absolutely must have. Go wild with this, include that dress you droll over every morning on the way to work. But be practical too. Include things that you really need; new shoes, new underwear, things like that.

Now this list has probably worked its way to a couple of pages, don't worry, this is a good thing, it shows you have fashion ambition. Ready for the next step women? Clothes must be arranged on this list in order of priority. This is going to be painful, but trust us; we know how to make this work.

Start with the shoes you need for work because your other pair are looking sad and old. End the list with that incredibly expensive dress. Now, it is up to you to work through this list when you shop. No impulse buys. Seriously, no impulse buys! You may think this is going to take the fun out of shopping, and to some extent it may. But it will add the sense of accomplishment to shopping. The feeling of being stronger than your impulses and before you know it, you will have ticked off everything on the list, been sensible with your money and will of course, be looking fabulous!