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New Fashion

Fashion changes. What was hot last season is cold the next. All of a sudden your favorite red outfit feels outdates and all the catwalk walkers are wearing black. New fashion is exciting for sure and we love to see what designers have been making, but it can be really expensive to keep up. So, how can we keep up with the new fashion of the season and not spend a fortune?

The answer is to imitate. Get creative with your wardrobe. Watch the catwalks like a hawk and take notes, pictures and jot down ideas. With the right creative mind, you can be wearing the styles of this season by augmenting your existing wardrobe.

This season is all about accessories and lucky for us, they are everywhere. The new fashion accessories are big, bold and daring. Think natural materials, wood, stone and beads. Shopping bags are also the new fashion of the season. Retailers know this and are at war with each other to create the most fashionable and durable shopping bags. Being seen carrying a high-end stores durable shopping bag will definitely earn you some major fashion points.