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Designer Clothes

Some may be cool and others may be outrageous, but one thing is for certain, designer clothes are always exciting. But are they practical? Most of the designer clothes we see being walked down the catwalk would be impossible to wear in everyday life. They are simply to show what the designers can do and to show what is possible. But you will rarely see anyone walking down the street wearing some of the outlandish clothes, unless of course you happen to be walking past a pop star.

Designer clothes are also produced for more practical purposes. Most designers produce dresses, skirts and tops that can be worn everyday. But are they worth the extra cost? We at finerwoman.com think that they are! Designer clothes are made with much more care that the mass-produced clothes you will find in the mall. With the extra cost comes extra care. Every stitch has been considered and carefully applied. You will not have the buttons giving up on you or the zipper breaking like so many of us have had happen to us when we picked up something in a hurry during a mall sale.

One designer that is continuing to be at the cutting edge of fashion is Stella McCartney. She has managed to carve a place out for herself in the fashion world by making designer clothes that radiate elegance yet are still breaking rules and creating new molds. The passing of Alexander McQueen has saddened the entire fashion world. His designer clothes were theatrical, raw and colorful. If you get a chance to sample his work, you will be amazed at the extent of his talent.